Automated Metadata Refresh is live on Immutable X

2 min readSep 19, 2022

Immutable has been recognized as one of the best platforms for developers to build and launch web3 games, and it’s only getting better! We know how important it is for you to update game assets, improve the gameplay experience, and have a successful primary sale in a permissionless environment.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that our Automated Metadata Refresh feature is officially live! With this launch, developers will have self-serve access to refresh metadata whenever it’s necessary.

In the past, developers have had to contact the Immutable Support Team to request a metadata refresh, which slowed down the process and added additional room for error. However, we know developers need to be able to refresh their metadata without having to reach out to someone at Immutable. With this update, we’ve given you complete control over how and when changes to your assets’ metadata are made.

Metadata Refresh Use Cases

There are many reasons that a game would need to go through the metadata refresh process, but here are some example scenarios:

  • Game rebalancing
  • Copy / art updates
  • Reveals
  • Improving asset discoverability
  • Core gameplay functionality

How It Works

Here is a breakdown of how the metadata refresh process functions:

  1. Send up to 5000 tokens to refresh an hour
  2. Immutable sends a receipt with instructions on how to check the refresh status
  3. Use the Refresh ID to check the status of the request
  4. If any errors have occurred, call the errors endpoint to viewed failed tokens

To dive deeper into Automated Metadata Refresh and learn more about the technical implementation process, please reference our documentation here.

Our team at Immutable is dedicated to ensuring developers’ needs are met — your feedback is critical throughout this journey. We already have even more improvements to metadata planned in the future and want to know how we can make life easier for you. Let us know here.