Immutable X Enables Gasless, Carbon-Neutral NFTs and Transactions for ‘Deviants’ Factions’ Trading Card Game

3 min readAug 2, 2022

Cyberpunk-themed TCG grounded in real-world events enters Immutable X ecosystem for web3 capabilities, scalability and growth

Sydney, Australia — August 02, 2022 — Immutable, a leading global Blockchain Gaming company bringing digital asset ownership to billions, has partnered with Deviants’ Factions to bring the new, exciting original play-and-earn trading card game (TCG) with a cyberpunk aesthetic into the Immutable gaming ecosystem.

Now, Deviants’ Factions players enjoy gasless, carbon-neutral transactions and seamless onboarding into web3 gaming, with true digital asset ownership of their digital deck via Immutable. Integrated with Magiclink and Moonpay, Immutable provides user-friendly onramps for semi-custodial wallets and fiat currency for easy payments across currencies. The partnership also enables Deviants’ Factions to access a wider gaming community via the Gamestop NFT Marketplace.

Deviants’ Factions brings a unique feel, design and aesthetic to the TCG genre of gaming, offering a deeply immersive and ever-evolving narrative for players with fictional storylines tied to real-world events. With a never-ending flow of content, players are pushed deeper into a story that’s easy to make their own. An innovative short deck ruleset lowers entry barriers while also keeping high strategic potential to display in competitive tournaments. And, with matches ranging 3–7 minutes each, players can conveniently join at their own leisure to fill natural time gaps such as a short break or while commuting on public transport. Deviants’ Factions LiveOps also ensures a continuously evolving game experience with new challenges, achievements, and game modes regularly added for players to enjoy.

“Deviants’ Factions is an impressive new entrant in TCG gaming with an amazingly original storyline that brings greater diversity to the space and to the Immutable ecosystem,” said Robbie Ferguson, Immutable. “We’re excited to provide greater functionality for Deviants’ Faction’s growing user base with powerful web3 capabilities and digital asset ownership, in addition to providing access to one of the top gaming NFT marketplaces today.”

Deviants’ Factions was designed by experienced TCG competitors and designers from major TCG brands and includes veteran artists, UX/UI artists and animators to provide an awesome user experience with amazing graphics and gameplay. The team also includes economists and user acquisition experts to ensure long-term sustainability and growth of its community.

“Immutable X is a perfect fit for Deviants’ Factions: It provides a gasless, gaming-focused environment full with crypto gamers and enthusiasts, with interesting game studios and potential partners joining in the near future as well,” said Nicolás Fierro, Creative Director, Deviants’ Factions. “Most of all, Immutable X shows both the will and the ability to provide a frictionless onboarding for millions of Web 2 gamers. Landing in IMX feels like getting home, since Deviants’ Factions has always strived for the vision of mass adoption.”

Immutable is the fastest Australian company to reach unicorn status — earlier this year, Immutable announced a $200 million series C fundraising round led by Temasek, and included Tencent and Animoca Brands. The company is valued at $2.5 billion and plans to use the funds to help drive its global expansion.

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About Immutable

Immutable is a global Blockchain Gaming company with a mission to bring digital asset ownership to billions of users through the power of immutable NFTs. The Immutable Group consists of Immutable X and Immutable Games Studio.

Immutable X, in partnership with Starkware, is the leading Layer 2 Ethereum-scaling solution offering innovators and builders incredible speed, security and liquidity across digital worlds. Immutable X has become the platform of choice for world-class web3 games such as Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Embersword, Planet Quest and many more.

About Deviants’ Factions

Deviants’ Factions is a Play & Earn Trading Card Game where each card is an NFT. It proposes an immersive narrative experience for players, presenting a setup that provides fictional explanations to real-world events and the Crypto scene. During each match, players will uphold the principles of one of four Factions struggling for the course of History.