NFT Grab Quest 2022

3 min readJun 15, 2022


Take your chance to win exciting Gods Unchained NFTs and limited Guild of Guardians swag at Immutable X NFT NYC after party on Wednesday 22 June, 2022 at 7pm to 11pm ET.


  • 500 Gods Unchained NFTs
  • 1 Jackpot Gods Unchained NFT
  • 50 Guild of Guardians Swag

How to participate?

At the NFT Grab Quest booth, you must present proof to the game manager (person managing the booth on ground) of the following actions before you’re allowed to play the game:

  1. Follow Immutable X Twitter
  2. Follow Gods Unchained Twitter
  3. Pre-register Guild of Guardians Waitlist with only an e-mail address

How to play the game?

Enter the NFT Grab Quest cube and grab as many tickets as possible within 15 seconds. Each ticket could represent either of the prizes listed above OR a ‘better luck next time.’

Important Notes:

  • Participants are only allowed to play the game ONCE.
  • Participants should keep their tickets to claim their prizes successfully. If they can’t hold onto their tickets, they can take a photo of their tickets, which will need to be submitted through a claim form later.

How to claim my prizes?

Participants will receive an e-mail from Immutable X to begin the claim process starting 27 June 2022. So please check your email inbox then (and your spam inbox just in case).

Eligible participants must complete the claim form by 11 July 2022 at 9 am ET.

Participants can access the claim form by scanning the QR code on their tickets.

Important for Gods Unchained NFT winners

You must provide your Immutable X wallet address in the claim form. Here is a list of guides if you don’t have one:

🔹 New to NFTs Users: To create an Immutable X wallet with only an e-mail address via Magic Link, use this guide.

🔹 Metamask Users: To create an Immutable X wallet with Metamask, use this guide.

❔ If you need extra support on wallet creation, reach out to our customer support team.

How long until I can receive my prizes?

After the claim deadline —

Gods Unchained NFT winners: You will be given an e-mail confirmation within 2 weeks by Immutable X when your NFTs have been transferred to your Immutable X wallet.

Guild of Guardians Swag winners: You will be contacted by a Guild of Guardians representative via e-mail for further steps within 2 weeks.

Terms & Conditions

1. Participants must submit the claim form by 11 July at 9am ET to be eligible for the prize(s).

2. Participants must complete all the required form fields based on their prize eligibility. Failure to provide necessary, valid, complete, and accurate information within the claim period will result in the participant’s inability to receive their prizes.

3. Immutable and its employees have the final say in the campaign’s structure, winner selection process, and reward claim process.

4. Immutable and its employees reserve the right to amend this campaign’s details & reward structure without prior notice to the public.

5. Immutable X and its employees are not responsible for the participants’ provision of inaccurate information upon registration.

6. If the participants are found to be conducting malicious activities or intent toward Immutable X and its community members, they will be disqualified from the campaign and its reward.




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