Trading Rewards on Immutable X

4 min readSep 12, 2022


At Immutable, empowering our community through true ownership is a top priority. Immutable X is recognized as the leading platform for launching web3 games and trading digital assets, and you deserve to share in that success.

The Trading Rewards program empowers everyone to earn $IMX tokens while they trade. It’s as simple as it sounds — trade eligible NFTs within the Immutable X protocol (IMX Marketplace or one of our partners) and you’ll receive $IMX tokens. In fact, we’re giving away up to 100,000 $IMX tokens every day and everyone is able to participate! There’s never been a better time to trade on the Immutable X platform.

Additionally, we’re excited to launch the Partner Spotlight program! Partner Spotlight is a special edition of Trading Rewards where we give extra rewards to our community for showing some love to our partners. Our partners, everything from games to marketplaces, are a critical part of the Immutable X ecosystem and we are genuinely invested in their success. We’re excited to show our community some of the incredible partners building on Immutable X. More details on the Partner Spotlight mechanics are below.

Over 50% of the total $IMX token supply has been allocated to generate the sustainable ecosystem and community growth. The Trading Rewards program is one way we are providing our community with true ownership.

Here’s how Trading Rewards works:

  1. Make sure you have a registered wallet on Immutable X
  2. Each day you trade (buy or sell NFTs) $10 USD or more of an Eligible Collection within the Immutable X protocol will result in $IMX tokens delivered to your wallet
  3. The Eligible Collections list is determined by assessing the quality of the NFTs, community engagement, royalty fee, and other criteria deemed relevant
  4. At the end of each day, you’ll be rewarded $IMX tokens based upon the proportion of your trading volume to the total trading volume (track trading volume here)
  5. The daily amount of $IMX tokens available for distribution as rewards will depend on the total transaction volume on that day. Here’s how the rewards pool will scale:
  1. For example: In a given day, if $1.5M in total is transacted on the protocol and you trade $15,000 (1% of Total Volume), you would receive 600 $IMX tokens (1% of 60,000)
  2. While token rewards will be calculated daily, your daily earnings will be distributed cumulatively each week by end of day Friday UTC
  3. The program doesn’t have an end date! However, we will continue iterating and improving the offering over time.

Here’s how Partner Spotlight works:

All of the same mechanics and criteria from the Trading Rewards program still apply, but specific partners (a marketplace or collection) will be featured for a limited time. Trading on that partner will count more towards your Trading Rewards eligibility than trades elsewhere.

For example, a 2x multiplier may be applied to trades on a featured marketplace ($10 trade on that marketplace will show up as $20 in our rewards calculation) and you’ll be able to earn more IMX Trading Rewards every day. Partners will be featured for a limited time only (i.e. one week at a time) and then the multiplier will be removed.

Trade NFTs, earn $IMX and experience new Immutable X partners.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Only trades of Eligible Collections in the Immutable X Global Order Book will count towards the tally and rewards
  • Users will need to trade a minimum of $10 USD daily to be eligible for token rewards
  • There is a maximum limit on eligible trades per wallet ($10,000 buy volume and $10,000 sell volume) per day
  • Trade volume will be counted on NFTs held for at least 24 hours. If you buy and then sell an asset within 24 hours, your trade volume will not be counted.

Additional details:

  • Depending on whether you’re a buyer or seller, amounts paid in fees also count towards the volume tracked
  • Fees included in ‘buyer’ volume as the buyer is paying the fee.
  • Fees excluded in ‘seller’ volume as the buyer is paying the fee.
  • Rewards will be subject to an unlock period as per the whitepaper: 1/3 of rewards will be available immediately, with the remaining 2/3 unlocking every month for the next 6 months
  • We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Trading Rewards program, without notice
  • Service fees are payable on underlying trades in the ordinary course
  • For trades on the IMX Marketplace, please refer to our Marketplace Terms
  • The $IMX token is issued by Digital Worlds NFTS Ltd. Immutable X Pty Ltd is an independent service provider to Digital Worlds NFTS Ltd.